the word unstoppable in large bold type with cartoom/silhouette of a t rex holding reachers triumphantly above its head stomping on the U

Some Day at Unstoppable

We’re just in the beginning of realizing this vision. Here’s what we’re hoping you’ll find if you step into Unstoppable a few years from now, on a weekend afternoon.

You open the door to a cheerful space, with a vibe of organized chaos. Art and prototypes are everywhere. There are tools and supplies for sewing, building, electronics, and crafts of all kinds. This is Open Studio, for people who participate in Unstoppable programs throughout the week to drop in for some extra work time.

At a low table, a young disabled kiddo and their parent are experimenting with various noisemaking objects. The parent is in the Parent-Child Toy Design Workshop, and came in with their child to spend some extra time playing and building. A volunteer studio assistant, an Autistic alum of the Design for Anxiety and Perfectionism workshop, sits down with them and shows them how to use an electronics kit to make some new kinds of sounds.

In the sewing area, two fat women who met in the Sewing and Body Image Group are helping each other pin and fit jeans. You overhear one of them say fearlessly, “I haven’t done this before, but this tutorial seems promising. Let’s try it.”

Around the table, a small group of neurodivergent women are gathered over their respective planners and to-do lists, offering each other mutual support and sharing executive functioning tips. They applaud as one of them submits an application she finally finished. Another shows off photos of her sink, empty of dishes for the first time in weeks.

If you’d like to get involved in any way please reach out!