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Therapy & Coaching

There are a handful of different ways to work with us, including creative groups, consultation, therapy and coaching. If you'd like to work with us, you can schedule a free 20-30 minute call during which we'll explore your goals and determine together what mix of coaching, consultation, therapy and/or groups will best meet your needs.

Therapy (with Miriam)

“Therapy is a space and a relationship designed to help you increase wellbeing related to your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.“ (Dr. Natalie Russ). Therapy at Unstoppable can look and feel like traditional talk therapy, rooted in conversation between client and therapist. It can also include art making, project doing, and play. We provide psychotherapy for children, teens, and adults with a wide range of clinical concerns and diagnoses.

At Unstoppable, we especially strive to support neurodivergent, disabled and LGBTQIA+ folks. We strive to provide non-pathologizing care by recognizing disability and mental health within the systems of power that shape our lives. We believe a therapist should bring their full intellect, heart, and spirit to the task of supporting an individual's process of growth, without ever forgetting that individual is the principal expert and agent in their own life. While therapy centers on emotions, you can expect therapy at Unstoppable to be pragmatic and to help you build skills and capacities useful in your daily life. Our work is informed by narrative therapy, solution focused therapy, attachment theory, and understanding of how emotions and trauma are embodied.

One other important quality of therapy is that it is recognized as a medical intervention within our healthcare system, and as such, it can be paid for with insurance in many cases.

Project and Creative Coaching (with Miriam)

Within a coaching relationship, you receive the consistent, dedicated support of a professional to help you set goals, evaluate your own progress, identify resources, and develop strategies to help you succeed. Coaching at Unstoppable can be focused on anything from a professional goal like writing a book or completing an application, to a personal goal like keeping up with the dishes or sewing your own clothes. Coaching at Unstoppable also includes activities that look more like private lessons, helping folks develop the skills to support a new hobby or practice like knitting or programming.

How do I choose between coaching and therapy?

There are many different opinions out in the world about what distinguishes coaching from therapy. At Unstoppable, we differentiate coaching from therapy largely in terms of the scope of the work. We provide coaching when there is a specific domain within which a person would like to develop. We provide therapy when emotional wellbeing is the primary concern, and/or when the goals that bring a person to us are diffused across several different domains of daily life.

Therapy might be right for you if you…

Coaching might be right for you if…

Fees and Insurance

Coaching costs $150 per 50 minute session and therapy costs $150 per 53-60 minute session. Reduced fee arrangements are available, so please ask if that is what you need to make these offerings accessible.

For therapy, Miriam is an in network provider with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Optum.