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Consultation and resources

Unstoppable Studios Consultation Services

Awareness of Autism, particularly among adults who were not recognized as Autistic in childhood, is growing quickly. There is significant need these days for support and guidance among individuals exploring whether they might be Autistic and among therapists supporting clients who have begun this journey. In order to help meet this growing need I provide consultation services.

Consultation involves meeting for 1-3 sessions to discuss your questions and concerns related to exploring Autism without entering into a provider-patient relationship. In consultation I do not provide assessment or treatment for mental health needs. In consultation sessions I can answer questions, provide information, engage with you in reflection, and help you connect with additional resources. As a social worker I am not able to provide neuropsychiatric testing or formal diagnosis of Autism. I can help you clarify your thinking, reflect on your identity and past experiences through a neurodiversity lens, and explore whether and how to seek formal diagnosis or pursue self diagnosis on your own.

If you’re ready to pursue formal diagnosis, I recommend reaching out to Embrace Autism or Spectrum Psychological Services. You can also reach out to AANE’s adult services department for additional referral support.

Consultation Fees

Health insurance does not cover consultation services. I provide consultation services based on the following sliding scale. I provide guidance below for how to identify the rate that makes sense for you. If you are financially supported by someone else (parents, partner, etc) who has more financial means, my recommendation is to choose based on how you would locate them.

Next steps to utilize consultation

I curate this reading list to support folks interested in learning more about Autism and neurodiversity. Check it out if you’d like some help getting started in researching and learning more on your own. It’s got commenting enabled if you’d like to leave recommendations or feedback on what is included.